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Travel App

I wanted to come up with a different idea for a travel app. So I thought, what about a travel app for kids? Of course kids can’t book a holiday, however I thought what if kids could learn about places they could go to on holiday. When I was thinking about how I can make this fun, the idea of introducing animals seemed appealing. That’s when I came up with the idea of travelling through the Jungle.

The problem

Kids are growing up surrounded by technology. They have endless games at the touch of a button through their IPads/IPhones but how many of these are educational? I wanted to create a simple learning app by myself for children about animals so they can learn interesting facts whilst looking at fun illustrations.

Discovery Phase

Travel App
Travel App

I carried out a lot of research on children's apps to find out what the vast majority are like and to try and empathise with the children. I wanted to know how they are designed and why should I design my game landscape. Children are more attracted to illustrations than text, so I wanted to make sure my illustrations were attractive for them to look at.


Travel App
Travel App

I firstly sketched out many ideas as to what the app could look like. With each sketch I was changing aspects until I came to a final idea of what I would want to turn into a wireframe. Wireframes allowed me to envision what my app would look like on screen and pin point any flaws I noticed. I then began creating the user interface, changing it along the way to make the aesthetic better. Prototyping on sketch made my app come to life and I created a video demo of my app using it.

The challenges you faced and overcome

A lot of the challenges I faced were minor, for example button sizes being too big/small. However, one major challenge was adjusting my illustrations so they looked modern and not old fashioned. I looked to dribbble for inspiration and quickly realised the reason my illustrations looked old fashioned was due to how thick the stroke width was on them. By reducing this and also taking away the gradient they looked more modern and the challenge was overcome.

The final outcome

I wanted to focus on the main aim of the app and that was to educate children. The key features are illustrations and facts. The app name explains itself, it’s called ‘Jungle Venture’.

Travel App

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