Brain Storming

I was given the task of creating an infographic on any topic. I began to think about what I could create and I wanted it to be on a topic personal to me. Diabetes is a misunderstood auto-immune disease and I wanted to educate others on it considering I have it.


The problem

Many people are uneducated on the differences between type one and type two diabetes. I want my infographic to show the difference in causes, symptoms and cures to make the audience aware.

Discovery phase

I wanted to know more about the history of diabetes as I decided to design my infographic to look like a timeline. This would allow people who don’t know anything about the disease to be fully educated. Facts and statistics are a key part of my infographic so I had to carry out alot of research on this.


The process

Wireframes helped me know where to place the information on my infographic and they enabled me to switch certain aspects around easily. Creating my actual infographic was easier because of spending time on my wireframes. The order of my infographic was as so, the two different types, health problems and today. This listing made reading my infographic like a story, making it easier for people to read.


The challenges you faced and overcome

I faced several design challenges which included changing around the position of my illustrations and reducing my text down to key information so it didn't looked crammed together inside boxes/speech bubbles.

The final outcome

This is my final infographic. I think the design and text within it have achieved my aim of wanting to educate the viewer of diabetes.


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