Brain Storming

This was one of the biggest projects I have undertaken as it entailed the most amount of work ethic. I wanted to make myself known and build my own brand, so I created everything this includes from wordmarks to building my own website. Below I will discuss the process for creating my monogram, word mark and visual marque.

Colour Scheme

Finding a colour scheme for my brand was difficult as I love many colours. I knew I wanted my site to be minimalistic looking so I thought greys and whites would be best for this. To add some colour and definition to my brand I added the colours silver and gold, hoping these would catch people’s attention. I thought the gold could represent light in the darkness.



For my monogram I had two final ideas I had to choose between. I finally choose the monogram on the left as I felt the elegant curves represented me better than the curved and straight lined monogram on the right. I had to refine my chosen monogram carefully so there was no rigid edges on the curves. I made the monogram available in silver and gold with a gradient as shading, so it has more definition, making it look 3D.

monogram variations


I found creating my word mark enjoyable because I had endless font styles to choose from, therefore creating so many possibilities. Illustrating is something I enjoy so I wanted to include this in the design. Also due to me being a Christian and it being a part of who I am I wanted to include this in my word mark also, so I turned the two t’s in my last name into crosses. It was a subtle change but I think it looks well with the rest of the font. I gave my word mark a gradient also to make it appear as if it was shining/light was hitting it.

wordmarks variations

Visual Marques

I think this was the most difficult part of my branding to come up with an idea for. However, finally I came to the conclusion that illustrating is something I would enjoy most so I wanted to create a pencil to represent this. Initially I had the pencil drawing a scribble but I then changed this to have it drawing the same shape of my monogram. I thought this could be a nice visual representation of my brand to have at the bottom of pages/website pages. However, with my word mark having a pencil included in it I thought it would be best to leave out my visual marque when it comes to the key features of my branding.


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